In the fall of 2010, I had Torrie from Soil Technologies map two fields. I knew there were several soil types in the first field.  The varis machine put them into zone’s that I soil tested separately and, to my surprise, each zone required a different lime, which I had applied along with other fertility amendments.  I was very pleased to see how even my sweet corn crop was this year, and that I cut overall cost.  Weather prevented me from applying anything to the second field so I’ll use those rec’s this fall. I do not feel I over applied any nutrient therefore, nothing went out my tile drains and this is good for me and the environment.  I’ll map my wheat fields so that I have time to test and apply what I need before the fall.

Ken Pearce, Farmer in Essex County, Ontario

I’ve been soil testing my farms for years only to get the same recommendations with the same results.  I had heard about this ‘varis machine’ that could map farm land according to soil type so I contacted Torrie from Soil Technologies to map and soil sample 250 acres. The map was clear and easy to read, detailing each zone and acreage within each zone.  The rec’s we plotted in August to be sent to a lab in Missouri were applied before the fall harvest – and those have been my best looking soybeans this year!  Thanks Torrie, can’t wait for next year.

Brian Market, Farmer in Essex County, Ontario

The service that soil technologies is offering to the vast agricultural sector of SW Ontario and the US Mid West is truly a benefit to the growers of soil crops. Production of crops for the food chain is a global concern.  There is a global demand for food, to offer this technology and support farmers so they can produce better yields, is a tremendous benefit.  The more nutrient enriched the soil is and lowering the load of agricultural chemicals for pesticides, herbicides and fungicides will benefit the farmers and the produce a safer product from the consumer.

Florence Gushue, B.Sc., CEO, Foodtechies