How We Think

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, all life starts in the soil.

Soil Technologies values the importance of enriching our soils. We believe in the importance of managing plant health by adding the proper nutrients where they are needed.

Why the Concern

Looking back at the Mesozoic era, plants and vegetation were lush and plentiful. The dinosaurs were abundant and colossal. Their diets consisted of mineral rich greenery with nutrients that ensured a healthful, beneficial environment.

Where did we go wrong? How has time weakened the human population and our environment as a whole?

Today we see depleted crops, nutrient lacking soils and failing farmlands, and we hear new terms such as “yield drag”, which has occured since glyphosate was introduced. Glyphosate reduces the uptake and immobilizes manganese in plant tissue when micronutrients are immobilized and plants become susceptible to fusarium and other diseases. We rely more on pesticides and insecticides than using the plants’ natural defense system to fight off fungus, molds and diseases. With all the information and advancement in technology we lack progression.

Balancing Soil pH Levels

Soil Technologies puts balance back into your soil. We examine the soil and make recommendations based on your soil’s cation exchange capacity, or maximum holding capacity.  We do this rather than offer traditional testing, which tests soil to make fertilizer recommendations for past crop production averages.

Soil nutrients and micronutrients are the critical missing elements that build the soil for the soil organisms such as mycorrhizal fungi to accelerate plant growth. By balancing the soil cation ratios, the ph levels automatically balance themselves and any/all of our biggest crop problems diminish.

Balancing pH levels in your soil will:

  • Reduce plant disease and insect problems, reduce soil compaction, increase water retention and improve drainage.
  • Improve the rate of decay of organic matter into humus, which can then hold more nutrients.

Adding micronutrients where they are needed has a dramatic affect as it can increase yields and build disease resistance. Not all plants will take up what they need so Soil Technologies Inc. can write the “prescription” for nutrients that are lacking.

We add only what is needed, where it is needed – according to your cost of production.