Sample Reports

Sample Report: Electrical Conductivity (EC) Reading & Prescription Maps (Kaiser Farm)

Sample attachments:

    1. Peace Home EC Report   Pearce Home E.C. and zones
    2.  Kaiser Home EC Report   Kaiser Farm E.C. and zones

Reading the reports:

  • Higher current = higher EC / lower current = lower EC
  • Soil with smaller soil particles (clay) are marked in blue, which represents the highest EC
  • Soil with the largest silt particles show in yellow and green
  • Soil with the highest sand particles shows as red for the lowest EC

Interpreting the Results

Soil sampling and plant analysis are the most accurate methods of interpreting nutrient supply capabilities, and an important guide for pre-plant application or corrective action during growing season.

The majority of reports include:

  • Anions: negatively charged ions (nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus)
  • Cations: ions that carry a positive charge (calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium)
  • Micronutrients: nutrients required in small amounts that are important for plant health (boron, iron, manganese, copper and zinc)

Organic matter/humus content, pH levels, total exchange capacity, and desired calcium to magnesium ratio are also included.

The expert and accredited labs utilized by Soil Technologies will provide recommendations upon request, but we can also teach you to interpret the reported nutrients and percentage levels.  Different crops also require different nutrients and we are here to serve you.  Soil Technologies can give you professional recommendations from accredited labs and/or soil and plant analysts that brings you one step closer to soil regeneration.