Thank you to everyone who attended our 2012 Course, presented by Neal Kinsey of  Kinsey Agricultural Services Inc..

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August 2012 Course:  Introduction to Soil Fertility for Wine Growing and Eco-Farming

An intensive 3-day workshop to help in applying the principles and methods developed by Prof. William Albrecht as tested and proven worldwide.   The Albrecht system helps to build, balance and maintain excellent soil fertility – to improve crop quality, thereby increasing yields while helping to decrease pest and disease problems.   Both organic and sustainable inputs will be considered, and examples discussed will include local soil samples.

Based on many years of practical experience working with growers, this course offers valuable information concerning how to improve and manage your farm’s soil fertility – from the basics of using and interpreting a soil test to learning how to identify the effects of depleted or excessive nutrients in your soil. Questions about any aspect of the day’s topics will be welcome.

Day 1 – Working with Soil Tests, pH, and Liming

  • The Soil Audit – Key Information.
  • Introduction to Soil Testing and Soil Fertility using the Albrecht Model.
  • Soil pH.   Neutralizing Extreme pH.
  • Liming, Evaluating Liming Materials.
  • How Calcium and Magnesium Affect Soils and Crop Production.

Day 2 – Working With Major Nutrients

  • Sulfur, Potassium and Sodium.
  • Nitrogen and Phosphate.
  • Composts and Manures.
  • Correcting Extremes.

Day 3 – Working With Micronutrients

  • Introducing Micronutrients for Soils Fertility Needs.
  • Boron – Use and Cautions.
  • Considering Iron and If It Is Needed.
  • Manganese for Soils and Crops.
  • Copper – Importance and Uses.
  •  Zinc for Fertility and Crop Needs.